Jack Link’s Sasquatch XXL Hot

Jack Link’s Sasquatch XXL Hot is a spicy snack stick. Jack Link’s also make an Original and a Mild, but I chose the Hot because it’s go big or go home. It’s called XXL because it’s bigger than most other meat sticks like Slim Jim, etc. I don’t know why they call it Sasquatch because there’s no sasquatch in it. It’s 2.2 ounces of beef, mechanically separated chicken, water, salt, corn syrup, spices (they don’t say what kind of spices), dextrose, soy protein isolate (yummy), flavoring (they don’t say what kind of flavoring. Meat flavoring I’m guessing), rice bran, fructose, molasses powder, hydrolyzed corn/soy/wheat protein, paprika extracts, smoke flavor, lactic acid starter culture (what the fuck does that mean?), sodium nitrate, and soy bean oil. Doesn’t that sound appetizing?

I kind of wish that I didn’t read what was in it before I opened it. It looks processed and greasy and it smells how it looks. The thick skin gives it a little crunch and texture and the filling is kind of mushy. The spiciness kicks in a after a few bites and gets more intense after you swallow it. The spiciness lingers for a while too so make sure you have something to drink with it. I actually like it. It goes great with a couple of brews and the game on. Real jerky is always better but sometimes you feel like a processed snack stick.

Critically Rated at 13/17

Written, Rated, and Reviewed by Brendan H. Young


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