What it is

Welcome to CriticallyRated.com, where Life is judged on a scale of 1-17.

This is my personal Wikipedia, a collection of rants about all the shit I’ve experienced, everything from movies I’ve seen to describing the feeling I get when I piss in the shower. Each day brings another adventure, something different, something new to try, and something else to make fun of. And that’s what this site is about. It’s life, my life, all the shit that I watch and read, all the things I eat and drink, all the observations and situations that I fumble through each day… this site is my life and I’m glad I’m not crazy if you can relate to it at all.

All articles are written and edited by Brendan H. Young. Any spelling or grammatical mistakes are intentional, and if you notice them you are special.

Most pictures are taken from Google Images. Thank you Internet. Sorry if I stole from you.

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