I got my first COVID-19 shot today. Pfizer in case you’re wondering. Everyone wants to know who got what, if they have any side effects, and if it hurt. So yeah, I got the Pfizer. That seems to be the best one. Even I have to admit the the anti-vaxxers are right about how sketchy Johnson & Johnson is.

I went to the 24th St and Capp vaccination site in San Francisco. It was really quick and simple. I got in line on the street, there were five people ahead of me, and I was got in around five minutes later. I checked in, they scanned my barcode, asked my name and birthday, and directed me to a chair to wait my turn.

As soon as I sat down they called my name. I got up and approached a row of doctors (I hope they were doctors), took off my jacket, and sat down where I was supposed to. The doctor asked me a few basic questions: did I have any allergies, was I previously diagnosed with Coronavirus, was I pregnant or planning of getting pregnant… then he prepped my arm, told me I’d feel a little prick, and injected me.

The prick was quick. It did the trick. I hardly felt anything. It wasn’t bad at all and I let him know he did a good job. After that I sat down for a fifteen minute observation period. That was the longest part of the whole process.

A little more than eight hours later and I’m feeling good. My arm is a little sore. Its not too bad, I was still able to do some yard work when I got home. I have my follow up shot in three weeks. I’ll be happy to get it over with and get one step closer to normal.

Critically Rated at 16/17

Written, Rated, and Reviewed by Brendan H. Young

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