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Forgetting Something On Your List

It’s your day off and you finally have a chance to go to the store and catch up on errands. You write down a few essential supplies and then start shopping. You’re flying up and down the aisles, mentally crossing off each item as it enters the cart. Then you casually glance over your list one last time before you pay the cashier and head home. You start unloading your bags and realize that something is missing. You forgot to pick up something vital, one of the main reasons you went to the store. I call it the BLT Law because whenever I go to the store to get stuff for BLTs I come home with the bacon, lettuce and tomatoes, but no bread. I always forget the bread. Forgetting something on your list defeats the whole purpose of making a list. You wrote it down so that you wouldn’t forget it. But you still forgot it. Now you get to go all the way back to the store. Don’t you feel like a winner?

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Written, Rated, and Reviewed by Brendan H. Young

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