One of the many zany things that the Simpsons have brought to the world is Skittlebrau, the beer that has candy floating in it. Apu said it doesn’t exist and that Homer probably imagined it, but it inspired me to try it. People add slices of fruit to beer all the time, so why not add fruit candy? Skittlebrau works best with lagers; IPAs and Ales are too hoppy to taste the rainbow. I don’t float the Skittles in the beer, that would be a waste of Skittles and beer. Instead I pop a few Skittles in my mouth and wash it down with a swig or two. It gives the beer a fruity flavor. It actually improves the taste if you are drinking a swill beer or a forty. Skittles and beer go hand in hand. Skittles are good. Beer is great. Good + Great = Amazing.

Critically Rated at 14/17


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3 responses to “Skittlebrau

  1. Wow, I never actually thought to try this. Now I definitely will be!

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