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Fake Sneeze

 Are you bored right now? Well, I have a little trick to entertain yourself. Pour some water on your hand or stick it under the faucet for a second. Then find somebody that’s not looking at you, creep up behind them, pretend to sneeze while shaking the water off your hand onto the back of their neck. Hilarity ensues. They will think that you sneezed on them. They either get really mad or figure out that you duped them. Nobody wants to be sneezed on so they will be quite relieved that it was only a fake sneeze. They might even join you in your laughter. Or they might punch you in the face. It’s comedic gold no matter what. And yes, I have faked quite a few sneezes in my day. I haven’t gotten punched yet, but I’ll admit that I deserve it when it finally happens. And I just wrote about fake sneezes, I must be getting desperate for things to blog about. Fuck. 

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Written, Rated, and Reviewed by Brendan H. Young

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