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One-Strap Gap Backpacks

I remember doing back to school shopping with my mom a few days before I started high school. I remember thinking that I’m going to a brand new school, that I could start a brand new me. A cool new me. And a One-Strap Gap Backpack would set me apart; I would be cool and trendy and would stand out. I would soon find out that those backpacks suck. They can’t hold shit, they are uncomfortable, and there was nothing wrong with the old two-strap backpacks. That was way back in 1999. Right around the time as those dumb ergonomic keyboards that were supposed to change the world. No one uses those stupid things anymore. But I still see people with One-Strap Gap Backpacks. It’s quaint. It’s as close as a Californian comes to seeing Amish people.

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