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American Weed

American Weed is NatGeo’s reality show about the medical marijuana industry in Fort Collins, Colorado. It’s a clone of Discovery Channel’s Weed Wars. American Weed primarily follows dispensary owner Josh Stanley and his pot growing brothers as they battle an evil anti-marijuana advocate to determine the fate of medical cannabis in Fort Collins.

The show takes you behind the scenes of the industry in every way possible. You meet a few owners of dispensaries. Some, like the Stanley brothers are in the business for the love of it. They grow their own product and run their clinic with pride. They are advocates for the industry, and are politically active in the fight for legality. There are other owners like the John and Dawn Clifford. They are in the business for profit, and Dawn is super delusional and dreams of returning to an imagined modeling career if marijuana doesn’t pan out.

You meet anti-pot advocates like Scoot Randall. He is extremely active in preventing Fort Collins from going to pot. He leads picket lines and does radio and TV interviews spreading anti-weed propaganda. He stretches the truth and uses blatant lies to get his message across. He’s definitely behind the times, and its nice to see random civilians cussing him out and calling him misinformed.

American Weed spends a lot of time with patients who need weed. There is a broad age range, from college students to little old grannies, who rely on marijuana as medicine. Some people are in such chronic pain that it’s criminal to deprive them of any form of relief. If medical marijuana is banned, these are the people who suffer the most. Not the capitalists.

Some time is spent with law enforcement as they track down violators of grow laws. Most of the time they deal with people without a card growing, or someone with a card growing too much. Sometimes they deal with stupid people who grow their plants outside where kids can get at the buds. Those dumbasses deserve to get caught.

The times are a-changing. And even if Scoot Randall can’t see it, America can. More and more people are actively trying to decriminalize marijuana. The public generally sees its medicinal value. Shows like American Weed and Weed Wars are doing their part to inform people of the benefits of marijuana as a medicine and as a legitimate business industry. Do your part and watch them. Preferably while stoned.

Critically Rated at 12/17

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Weed Wars

A Discovery Channel reality show that focuses on the medical marijuana industry and the politics and controversy that surrounds it.  The show follows the staff and patients of the Harborside Health Center in Oakland, CA. And it makes you wanna blaze.

The show provides a lot of insight as to how medical marijuana dispensaries function. The staff looks like regular people, they are ready for business but still have crazy dreads, facial hair and tattoos. They are professional stoners. Some are clerks, and they ask what the customer is looking for and what symptoms they have to better find a product to help them. Some work as purchasers who inspect a potential seller’s product. They check for molds, fungi, and the overall quality of the plant.

You meet a lot of patients while watching the show. Some are scamming the system, but a lot of the customers have debilitating problems and marijuana is the only thing that gives them relief from pain. You can clearly see why we need legal dispensaries where these patients can buy weed that is safe to smoke and safe to obtain. It would be a crime to close these clubs, because these people need them.

There is a lot of emphasis on states rights versus the federal law. A lot of conversation is devoted to the economics of the industry. Cannabis is worth billions; it is a huge cash crop. The plant provides a lot of jobs and tax revenue in a time of severe economic turmoil. We already lost the war on drugs; it is time to legalize it.

Critically Rated at 15/17

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