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Public Speaking

Speaking in public is an important social skill to have. A lot of people are terrified of public speaking, and it’s not a very enjoyable experience if you’re shy. But if you can’t read a few sentences out loud to a group of strangers, there is no way that you will be successful in life. How you present yourself is important in the business world. It’s important in any world. If you stammer or stutter, if you speak in a monotone or add the wrong inflection, then you weird people out. You need to speak with confidence. You need to speak clearly and correctly, but you also have to go with the flow. There will be times when you trip up on a word or somebody will ask a question that you don’t know how to respond to. A good public speaker will be able to turn a mistake into a triumph, to transform a gaffe into a memorable quote.

Public speaking takes time and it takes practice, but anybody is capable of learning how to do it. It’s not a natural thing, it’s sometime that you have to work on. Anyone can do it. Case in point: look at Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. They are both awkward nerds, neither seems like they would be the life of the party, they are both introverted, and they had to learn the social skills that transformed their small companies into global forces. Microsoft and Facebook would not have gone anywhere if their CEOs didn’t learn the importance of public speaking and reading out loud. Neither are great public speakers, but when they speak they command attention. Not all billionaires can capture your attention like that. They learned the importance on public speaking and put they their skills to good use. Teach yourself how to read in public. Maybe it’s your time to shine now.

Critically Rated at 14/17

Written, Rated, and Reviewed by Brendan H. Young

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The Social Network

Michael Cera stars as Tom Anderson in The Social Network, a biopic about the rise and fall of MySpace. Tobey Maguire and Lance Bass play supporting roles. If you’ve ever been on MySpace, you owe it to yourself to watch this film.

Oh man, I crack myself up. David Fincher (Seven, Fight Club), directs Jesse Eisenberg as Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network. Andrew Garfield and Justin Timberlake play supporting roles. If you’ve ever been on Facebook, you owe it to yourself to watch this film.

This movie is not about Facebook. It is about a good idea that’s worth money, and how money changes people. Mark Zuckerberg, a computer genius going to Harvard University, is recruited by the Winklevoss twins to help them develop a social network exclusive to Harvard students. Mark takes their idea, improves upon it, and launches thefacebook, with the help of his best friend and business partner Eduardo Saverin (Andrew “New Spider-Man” Garfield).

As thefacebook starts to blow up, the Winklevoss brothers begin to challenge Mark over stealing their idea, eventually deciding to sue. The site’s potential catches the eye of Sean Parker, the creator of Napster. Justin (N*Sync) Timberlake plays Sean Parker, and Sean’s ideas like simply calling the site Facebook add to the potential value of the social network. Sean doesn’t think that Eduardo is a good fit for the company, and Sean and Mark begin to phase him out of the company. Eduardo gets a little pissed and decides to sue.

The story is framed by Mark sitting in rooms surrounded by suits, dealing with separate lawsuits from his former best friend and the Winklevossi. Aaron Sorkin’s screenplay is based on a true story. That doesn’t make this a documentary. This film captures the vibe of Facebook’s creation and that’s more important than a step by step recreation of the site’s development. Both Sorkin’s script and Eisenberg’s performance make Zuckerberg a hero, but you don’t necessarily sympathize with him. Mark Zuckerberg might have stolen ideas, but he created Facebook, and the film makes that clear. He might be arrogant and treat people badly sometimes, but you never hate him.

James Garfield does a great job as Eduardo Saverin. He’s still kind of a newcomer, but in case you’ve been living under a rock, he was cast as the lead in the new Spider-Man reboot. It’s pretty safe to say that with this supporting role and the lead role in a guaranteed blockbuster will cement his status as a box office draw for the next few years.

Justin Timberlake’s music sucks. His solo career rips off 1980’s Michael Jackson. His pop group career rips off the Backstreet Boys and they ripped off New Kids on the Block. Justin Timberlake the singer sucks. But Justin Timberlake the actor is surprisingly good. I don’t want to admit that I like Justin Timberlake, so that means he is actually good. He is a natural on camera. In his first scene, he’s a suave ladies man, he seems cool and relaxed. Later after he ousts Eduardo from Facebook, he flinches when Eduardo feigns a punch. He tries to recover and regain his composure, but you see a crack in his armor. Justin Timberlake created a genuine moment on screen. He made Parker the second most interesting character in the movie, and there are a few interesting characters.

This is a great movie all around. Trent Reznor’s soundtrack is solid. Aaron Sorkin’s screenplay is solid. David Fincher’s direction is solid. The cast is solid. Even if Facebook fades away, this movie will still be good. It might not be relevant, but it will still be good.

Critically Rated at 15/17

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