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Kettle Zesty Ranch

Kettle Krinkle Kut Zesty Ranch chips are yet another decent flavor of Kettle brand potato chips. These are crinkled, which is always a bonus. There is a good amount of ranch flavoring, but it’s not as excessive as ranch Doritos. Kettle does bold flavors and it does them well, even though you might not be in the mood for that flavor. Kettle flavors are like the Leonardo DiCaprio of the chip world… he always does good critically acclaimed movies, and he is always good in them, but you can’t watch Inception all the time, and you don’t really want to either.

Critically Rated at 13/17

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Kettle Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper

These are Krinkle kut Kettle chips in a nice normal flavor. It is not too salty, and it has just the right amount of pepper. It’s good tasting and a great introduction to Kettle brand natural potato chips. These are pretty much the exact opposite of the potato chip spectrum from processed and perfectly formed Pringles. Kettle chips are legit and you deserve to try them. You earned it.

Critically Rated at 15/17

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