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A shoebox is a box that holds or once held a pair of shoes. The name is kind of misleading; it makes you think that there is only one shoe inside. It should be called a “Pair of Shoes Box”. Shoeboxes are very practical. You can use them to hold a pair of shoes like the name suggests. But once you’ve purchased the shoes and they are on your feet, the box has a whole bunch of exciting career opportunities. It can be a box that you store money in. Perhaps a young child can use it to make a diorama for English class. You can use it to hold knick-knacks or assorted memorabilia from your childhood. You can even put a bunch of useless shit in it, bury it, and call it a time capsule. The possibilities are endless. I currently have four shoeboxes in my room, and only one of them has shoes in it. The rest have urban treasures. Shoebox. Shoebox. Shoebox. Word has lost all meaning.

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