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Door Code

My roommates and I have an unwritten door policy. We leave our bedroom doors wide open if we are feeling social. That means we are welcome to walk right on in and have a party. We have them closed halfway or slightly ajar if we want a little bit of privacy. That means we knock once or twice to announce our presence before entering the room. If our doors are opened just a crack, that means you knock, call their name, and wait for approval before any further action. If there’s no response, there’s no entry. When the door is fully shut, it means do not disturb. Don’t knock, don’t come in, it is closed for a reason. We have nothing to hide until we do. The door code is key and crucial to avoiding conflicts with the roommates. An open door is an open invitation. A closed door means fuck off. It’s not that hard. I suggest you implement the door code in your household today. By the way, my roommate gave me the idea for this blog post. My door was closed at the time. Just text me next time, bro.

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