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Go Outside

As many of you know, I lost my girlfriend in a tragic accident last year. My grief comes in waves. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by anxiety and start to have panic attacks. Whenever I start feeling antsy I have to find a way to calm myself down. There are lots of tricks and techniques you can do, like slowly counting down from twenty or maybe petting a dog or cat. I’ve found the most efficient thing is to go outside.

Being indoors makes me feel claustrophobic when I’m anxious. I’m very aware of the walls around me. I feel trapped and confined. So I go outside. I try to be aware of the wind on my skin. I look at the plants and trees around me. I gaze up at the sky, taking note of the clouds or stars. I listen for bird song, I observe insects scurrying about, I try to take it all in.

It reminds me that I’m only a speck in the universe. There is a much bigger picture. It helps to ground me and bring me back to normal. Going outside isn’t a magical cure all, but it provides temporary relief.

I don’t know what to do if a panic attack hits me when I’m already outside though. Still have to figure out a solution for that one.

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