The Personalities in Every Group of Friends

It seems like every group of friends has the same stereotypes. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, we all have the same types of friends. Some of the personalities might overlap, but they are all represented.

There’s the leader. He (or she) is the most popular one. He’s the glue that keeps the group together. It’s not an event if he’s not there. He’s your best friend but you’re not necessarily his. He’s too busy to have just one.

There’s the funny one. He’s the one constantly cracking jokes and keeping everyone entertained. No party is complete without him. It’s hard to take him seriously, but he makes the group fun to be with.

Every group has its oddball, the weird one who doesn’t quite fit in. He’s the scapegoat, the butt of all the jokes, but he’s still integral to the group. He’s Screech and you keep him around to blame when shit goes wrong.

There’s the intimidator. He’s the one that gets the group in trouble. He’s the rowdy one, the one that instigates fights with other groups. He’s kind of a bully but he’s fiercely loyal to the group, and he’s always willing to take a punch for you.

You have the slutty one. This is the one that hooks up with the most people. He gets around and you live vicariously through him. He’s never in a relationship but he always has somebody to fuck. He makes for a good wingman, so long as he doesn’t want the one that you want.

There’s the occasional. He’s like an alternate. He’s there for some events and he’s not missed for others. He’s a social butterfly and always has another group or groups of friends that he brings together when it’s time to party.

There’s always a nerd. The nerd is the smart one that everyone exploits. He’s not that fun to hang out with, but he’s always down to help you with homework or file your taxes. You kind of use him, but he’s willing to be used as long as he’s part of the group.

The mover is an important member. This is the guy that always comes up with something to do. He finds the obscure events and gets the group involved. He plans parties and outings and always has a connection for tickets or clubs.

You have to have a sympathetic friend. The one that listens to everyone and dispenses the best advice. He’s the one that you can always rely on when you need somebody’s help. He’s there to help you move, he’s there to pick you up from the airport, and he’s there when you need to vent.

Each group has a downer, the one that bitches and complains and brings everyone down. He’s part of the group, but barely. Nobody really likes him but they keep him around for one reason or another. Maybe he has a cool car, maybe he has a family cabin that he lets everyone use.

So that’s my list of the personalities in every group of friends. Which one are you?

Critically Rated at 14/17

Written, Rated, and Reviewed by Brendan H. Young

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