A Pimple In Your Nose

It’s bad enough getting a pimple but sometimes you get a pimple somewhere else other than your face. Sometimes you get them on your chest, back, I got one on the top of my ear once, but getting a pimple in your nose is the worst. An inner nose pimple is almost impossible to pop. And it’s not a normal spot for a pimple so it’s noticeable. It also gets kind of swollen and hurts a little bit. It’s kind of like a mosquito bite, it’s not really painful but it is uncomfortable. I would recommend getting a pimple in your nose if you can help it. I don’t know how to prevent nasal zits, but I’m sure you can find a remedy on Google if you look for one. You might want to clear your search history afterwards though. You don’t want other people to associate you with nose pimples.
Critically Rated at 4/17
Written, Rated, and Reviewed by Brendan H. Young


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