Arizona Rx Energy Herbal Tonic

Arizona Rx Energy Herbal Tonic is an Invigorating Blend of Green Tea, Tropical & Citrus Fruits, Panax Ginseng, Eleuthero Root, Guarana, Schisandra, and Vitamins A, C, & E. It’s not really healthy for you, so don’t be fooled by that “Herbal Tonic” nonsense. It’s got all kinds of additives and preservatives and it’s loaded with sugar. I’m not sure how energizing it is, but it’s very drinkable and refreshing and gives you a little caffeine buzz. It has a sweet, fruity taste with just a little tartness thrown in for balance. There are a lot of better energy drinks on the market, but the price is what sets this one apart. It’s only 99¢ for a 23-ounce can, which is a good deal. An 8-ounce can of Red Bull costs more than two bucks for comparison. Red Bull is a lot better, but cheap is cheap. And sometimes cheap is good. Try it, you might like it. Even if you don’t, you only wasted a dollar.

Critically Rated at 11/17

Written, Rated, and Reviewed by Brendan H. Young

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