use punctuation

its hard to read simple sentences and paragraphs if you dont use any punctuation or capitalization unfortunately some people have missed the memo if you go on facebook right now youll probably see half a dozen statuses clogging up your newsfeed that are incoherent and almost impossible to read the words and sentences get all jumbled together and you have no idea what that dumbass is saying i dont even know how its possible to avoid capitalizing letters and using apostrophes and periods we live in an age of autocorrect i physically have to go back and delete the apostrophes from words like dont and cant because the computer fixes your mistakes so you dont look like an idiot but you seem to have your heart set on being stupid if you cant express yourself in a comprehensive way then maybe you should shut the fuck up and keep your sloppy status updates to yourself punctuation is important so fucking use it.

critically rated at 4/17

written rated and reviewed by brendan h young

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