Bar Mat Shot

A bar mat is a staple fixtures in bars around the world. They are rubber mats that grip glasses to prevent them from breaking and they have the added bonus of capturing and containing spills. Over the course of a shift, the bar mat collects the excess liquor and mixers from all the drinks made by messy bartenders. A bar mat shot is just what it sounds like: a shot of the liquid from the bar mat. It’s the ultimate mystery shot. It will have all types of booze, everything from absinthe to vodka, as well as other random flavors like OJ and Red Bull thrown in. There is no set recipe for a bar mat shot. It’s contains whatever drinks the bartender knocks over. It will taste different every time. A bar mat shot is never a good idea. Nothing good can come from taking one. You’ll probably end up puking right away. And if you don’t throw up, somebody else will when they watch you take it. It’s that nasty. If you’re even tempted to try it, consider it a sign to stop drinking for the night.

Critically Rated at 6/17

Written, Rated, and Reviewed by Brendan H. Young


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2 responses to “Bar Mat Shot

  1. Billy Bob

    Man oh man! I’ve had my share of bar mat shots. 10 of those and a room temp bud led to my 3rd marriage to Peggy-Ann. Also led to 3 out of my 8 children….and my ulcer.

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