Taking a Picture of Your Shirt in the Mirror

You’re checking Facebook and surfing through all the bullshit events, check ins, status updates, and picture uploads when you notice a picture of your friend modeling a new shirt. She makes a caption about her new shirt and how lucky she was to find it while shopping. But she took the picture in the mirror and it’s backwards. And she looks like a fucking idiot because everything is reversed. I’m glad that you got a new shirt. But I’m amazed that you took the time to pose and focus and adjust the flash and crop the photo and update it as your profile pic, all without noticing that the image is reversed. There’s no excuse for that level of ignorance. Most smartphones have a front and rear facing camera so you don’t need to rely on mirrors to take a self-portrait. You can flip the image on your phone or computer even if it’s backwards. There’s no reason to post anything backwards. But it still happens all the fucking time. I’ve started deleting people from my Facebook for these offenses, and I always make sure to send them a message to let them know how much they suck at life and why they deserve to die an early and painful death. I shouldn’t have to hold my phone up to a mirror to see what your stupid shirt says.

Critically Rated at 3/17

Written, Rated, and Reviewed by Brendan H. Young


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One response to “Taking a Picture of Your Shirt in the Mirror

  1. Billy Bob

    Billy Bob agrees 100%

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