Walking Around With Your Backpack Open

You’re in kind of a rush, so you grab your shit and throw it into your backpack and run out the door. When you finally get to your destination and take off your backpack, you realize that it was unzipped the whole time and you were just lucky that you didn’t lose anything. Walking around with your backpack open is a weird feeling. You feel exposed and vulnerable and you wonder why no one said anything to warn you. It’s because people are assholes and they only pretend to be nice to their friends, they couldn’t care less about a douche walking around with his backpack open.

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2 responses to “Walking Around With Your Backpack Open

  1. rohan gurrala


  2. superbubbb

    God, I remember one time in the 7th grade I walked into school the same time my crush did. Naturally that meant to “act cool.” Well, as I walked in front of him, I realized that my bag was wide open. I still remember the embarrassment to this day.

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