April 20 or 4/20 is Stoner Christmas. It’s a day to celebrate marijuana. The best way to celebrate marijuana is to smoke vast amounts of it. It’s a day to be social and vocal and share your shit with anyone who wants a hit. If you’ve ever wanted to try it, this is the day to do it. I’m not advocating doing drugs, I’m simply saying that smoking weed will make you more popular.

There are a few different reasons why 420 is stonerly significant. The most commonly accepted origin story hails back to a magical time known as the ‘70s, when a group of high school kids from San Rafael, California would meet at 4:20 by a statue of Louis Pasteur and would search the area for a fabled marijuana garden. After a while, they would just start blazing at 4:20.

A lot of people are under the impression that 4/20 happens once a year. The fact is that 4:20 happens twice a day. A lot of former stoners come out of retirement once a year to celebrate 420. I celebrate 420 by smoking everyday all year.

4/20 is a day when marijuana is mainstream. Well, more mainstream than it usually is. Comedy Central and other cable stations will inevitably show a marathon of marijuana movies. CNN and other news networks will have a bunch of stories about weed. High school kids all over the world will be more red-eyed than usual. 7-Eleven will have a surge in Slurpee and munchies sales.

I was high when I wrote this. I hope you’re high as you read this. Happy 4/20.

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