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Cheap Sunglasses

I got a black eye a few months ago. I covered it up with a pair of cheap sunglasses when I had to work. My black eye eventually went away, but the cheap sunglasses became part of my work wardrobe. They are my trademark now. My coworkers took notice and they started bringing me pairs of cheap sunglasses from various companies. They were all free glasses given away by various businesses to promote themselves. I have specs from Svedka, Smirnoff, Corona, Lagunitas, Jack Daniels, and Lyft to name a few. It was a collection that was never wanted but suddenly accumulated. It’s too late to turn back now. It’s weird because I don’t normally wear sunglasses outside of work. I’ll only rock a pair if I’m going to the beach or park for the day. I don’t wear them in my normal street attire. But they are on my face when I clock in and come off when I clock out. Everyone should have a pair of cheap sunglasses. Just make sure that they have UV protection. Any pair of sunglasses is completely worthless if they don’t block the sun. And never pay for a pair of designer sunglasses when you can raid the lost & found.

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