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Finding a Tennis Ball

I found a tennis ball over the summer while I was hanging out in the park. It had ZOE written on it in black marker. I don’t know who Zoe is, but she’s not getting her ball back. She should have put her phone number or email address on it if she was afraid of losing it. Finders keepers. I should explain that I might have been a dog in a past life because I get overly excited whenever I come across a tennis ball on the ground. I will stop to pick it up and I will bring it with me to wherever I’m going. I will toss it up in the air and catch it as I go along. I’ll bounce it. I’ll throw it against a wall. I might even pass it to a friend as long as he passes it back. I’ll throw it from behind my back and then chase it into the street when my throw inevitably goes awry. It’s all about the little things in life. Finding a tennis ball is one of them.

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Playing Catch

People like having fun and playing games are fun. One of simplest games you can play with another person is catch. All you have to do is throw an object to your partner and hope that they catch it. And then they throw the object back to you and you try to catch it. And then you throw it back to them, and on and on it goes. You can play catch with a baseball, a football, a tennis ball, a rolled-up sock, a Frisbee, a lemon, an egg… you have a lot of options. You can spice it up by keeping count of how many successful consecutive catches you make and then trying to break your record, or you can move around and try throwing to a moving target.

Playing catch is free and easy, but if you don’t have any friends you can throw a tennis ball against a brick wall or take up juggling.

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