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Sunburned On My Head

I made the mistake of shaving my head and getting a tan the other day. Well, to be honest, I didn’t really get a tan… I got sunburned. I basically turned myself into a lobster for a few days. The red is starting to go away, but now I have the unfortunate side effect of peeling. I’m peeling on my back, chest, arms, and on the top of my head. And I’ve noticed that when your head starts peeling, it looks like you have dandruff. Really, really bad dandruff. Giant flakes of dead skin flutter to the ground every time I run my fingers through my hair. I tried putting some lotion on my head to keep it from flaking, but it didn’t work. All it gave me was lightly scented dandruff. And I still have to keep on explaining to everyone that I already use Head & Shoulders, and that I just got sunburned on my head.

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Getting Sunburned On Your Face

Summer is here and so is going outside for long periods as you drink on the beach, or drink at the baseball game, or drink at the park. And when you go outside for long periods of time and neglect the sunscreen, you are going to get burned. Getting sunburned is bad enough, but nothing sucks like getting sunburned on your face. First off, it might hurt a little bit. And then it starts to get leathery and slightly cracked and you look like an old grandma from Florida. The worst part is when it finally starts to peel. I’m not a fan of facial dandruff, it’s not fun.

Critically Rated at 3/17

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