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Tabs vs. Windows

I consider myself a multitasker. I sit on my ass and have the TV on and my laptop open. I am constantly surfing the net, at any given time I am on at least two or three different websites. And you have two choices when it comes to viewing a new site. You can either open a new tab or open a new window. My buddy Cody is a tab guy. He has Google Chrome on full screen with about fifteen tabs of random shit. He has access to multiple websites, but can only focus on one at a time. I prefer opening a new window because you can be watching Fail videos on one site while reading the news on another. You can check out two sites at once and have Wikipedia or Google waiting on deck. Lately I’ve been listening to the Giants game on the radio while watching the Gameday live updates on the MLB website and simultaneously checking Facebook, my email, and crucial sites like Cracked and Devour. Tabs are nice because you can see all the sites that you have open, but you can only view them one at a time. Windows allow you to scroll the news on one side of your screen with a video playing on the other side, but sometimes a site will get hidden behind another window. You can easily forget about a movie you paused because it gets lost behind the cluster of ADD. Tabs vs. Windows is the greatest bar debate since Tupac vs. Biggie. Choose a side and defend it well.

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