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Holiday Lights

When I was a kid, Holiday lights were known as “Christmas lights.” They were for Christmas and everyone knew it. My sisters and I would help our parents string up the lights around the front of our house. We usually waited until December to put them up, and we never put them up before Thanksgiving. Lights used to come in multiple colors. They were red, green, orange, yellow and blue, and the really fancy lights blinked on and off. And if one bulb burned out, then so would all the others. You would have to search for the broken out bulb, checking all the bulbs one at a time until you found the culprit and replaced it. Those were Christmas lights. Now they are all Holiday lights. Holiday lights are typically white lights that are supposed to mimic icicles. But they don’t look like icicles. At all. They look like daggers of white light stabbing my precious childhood memories. Holiday lights might look festive, but I miss Christmas lights.

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