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Same Hand, Just Different Cards

As I’ve mentioned previously and multiple times, I play cards with my roommate on a regular basis. We were playing Cribbage the other night and we were counting out our points. We both scored six points. My roommate quipped, “Same hand, just different cards.” I instantly repeated it. Same hand, just different cards. I like that. It goes way beyond card games. It’s philosophical and it sounds good. It’s bumper sticker-worthy. Maybe some plucky teenager will use it as their senior quote in the yearbook. I would if I had a time machine. I’m still working on that. Sorry. I got distracted by time machines again. That happens. I’m back now. Same hand, just different cards is a great statement. I want it to be an actual expression, so please feel free to use it. Sprinkle it into your next conversation at a fancy cocktail party and see where it takes you.

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