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Broken Showerhead

I have a broken showerhead. It sucks because I rely on showers to wake up in the morning. No showerhead means no shower. The hot water works fine. The bathtub part works fine. But the water refuses to come out of the showerhead. All I get is a trickle and a trickle isn’t enough to do anything. I’ve been resorted to using plastic cups to get clean. I’ll fill up a couple of cups and use it to shampoo my hair and to lather up, then use it to rinse off. It’s not satisfying but it’s effective. I get clean but it’s not enjoyable. And taking a shower is half hygienic and half leisure, so I’m not getting the full experience. It kind of sucks. Actually, it really sucks. I rely on showers. Baths don’t do anything for me and neither do cups of hot water.

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Written, Rated, and Reviewed by Brendan H. Young

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