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Drooling is an unfortunate bodily function. It usually happens at the most embarrassing and inopportune times. Nothing makes a better first impression than a strand of saliva dangling from the corner of your mouth. It makes the ladies swoon, that’s for sure. Everybody drools. You’ll droll in the middle of a conversation. You’ll drool in anticipation of a delicious dinner. You’ll drool in your sleep occasionally and wake up with a soggy pillow. Sometimes drooling is viewed as cute or adorable, but dogs are the only ones who can get away with that. No human is capable of making drool look attractive. Nobody. If burps are like an oral fart, then drool is like an oral shart. It’s just so liquid and obvious.

Critically Rated at 3/17

Written, Rated, and Reviewed by Brendan H. Young

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