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Fighting for a Barstool

Nobody likes to sit next to a stranger. That’s pretty apparent whenever you go into a bar and sit at the bar top. You don’t sit down right next to a random stranger, because that’s creepy and weird. You always need a buffer chair (an empty chair that separates you from the other barflies). Everyone wants their own space, a personal place to drown their sorrows in peace. But the problem with everyone utilizing the buffer chair system is that when the bar fills up, there’s not enough space for groups to sit together. This could lead to a potential conflict, and alcohol and conflicts aren’t a good mix. You could end up fighting for a barstool. It’s been known to happen. Most of the time it will just be a verbal argument, but that could escalate quickly. I’ve seen people come to blows over a barstool. Drunk people will fight over anything though. Sometimes they even fight over women. Crazy, I know. Fighting for a barstool is pretty lame, but sometimes you have to defend your turf and your honor. Just don’t get carried away, because the buffer seat defense won’t hold up in court.

            Critically Rated at 10/17

Written, Rated, and Reviewed by Brendan H. Young

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