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Amy Cooper

I’m sure we’ve all seen the video of Amy Cooper by now. She’s the latest Karen to be caught on camera using her white privilege to harass a minority. She is the ultimate Karen, the worst one of the bunch by far. BBQ Becky tried to break up a barbecue. Permit Patty tried to stop a little girl from selling bottled water. Pool Protocol Paula broke up a pool party. But Amy Cooper (we should all use her real name to shame her) got caught using the police as a weapon on a black man.

All Christian Cooper did was tell her to put a leash on her dog in an area of the park where dogs are required to be on leashes. I have a dog, I let it run off leash sometimes and if someone tells me to put the leash on, I put the leash on because I know I’m in the wrong. But Amy Cooper decided to escalate the situation by calling the cops on him. She warned him that she was going to be a racist cunt, and then she proceeded to be a racist cunt. She called the cops on him, made sure they knew that a black man was threatening a white woman, all while choking her dog. It’s actually impressive to witness Amy Cooper destroy her whole life in a minute.

I’m glad the Internet tracked her down. I’m happy she got fired. I’m elated that she had give up her dog. She says she made a mistake, that she’s not racist, that her life’s been destroyed. That wasn’t a mistake. You can see her formulate a plan and act on it. And it backfired spectacularly. Amy Cooper, Queen of Karens, is a racist cunt and deserves no pity, no forgiveness. Fuck racists.

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Written, Rated, and Reviewed by Brendan H. Young

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