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New Year’s Eve

Holy shit, it’s the last night of the year! Time to get drunk and reminisce on 2012. New Year’s Eve is one of the most popular holidays. It’s celebrated around the world, across all religions and ages. Everyone is looking for some place to be at midnight. Little kids and old people celebrate quietly at home, while everybody else is at a party, either on the street, in a club, or at somebody’s house.

New Year’s Eve is all about midnight. The whole day is building up to midnight. There are fireworks and champagne and making out at midnight. Everyone asks where you’re going to be at midnight, and the next day everyone asks where you were at midnight. You’re almost never where you wanted to be at midnight. I’ve spent midnight in cars going to bars, I’ve spent it running down the sidewalk trying to get to a party before the ball dropped, I’ve spent it with random semi-friends in strange cities. The problem with NYE is that it’s too overhyped. You want it to be perfect and it never will be. Hollywood lied to you. You’ll never be happy.

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