Shadow Kite

Last Sunday was a gorgeous day. My roommate and I both had it off. We decided to celebrate by day drinking on the beach. Half of San Francisco had the same idea as us. There was a ton of people out, doing everything you’d expect people to be doing on the beach. There were sunbathers, swimmers, surfers, dog walkers, people playing catch, little kids building sand castles, and some people flying kites. We found a decent spot to set up shop, threw our towels down, laid out, cracked open our tall boys, and watched the waves and the people around us. The sun was hot and there was very little wind, making it seem even hotter. At one point there was a couple of young kids walking down the beach while carrying a pair of kites. They walked passed us and their kites cast a brief shadow overhead, giving us a quick break from the sun’s unrelenting rays. But the shade went away as soon as the kids did and we relapsed into the heat. That gave my roommate a revelation.

“We need a big ass kite,” he said. “And we let it get really high above us, and we can rest in its shade. We need a shadow kite.” It was a great idea. I wish I thought of it, but I didn’t. My roommate did. His name is Jerry. If you know Jerry, or ever meet Jerry, you should tell him that shadow kites are a great idea. It’s thinking outside of the box and he should be commended for it. Don’t be surprised if you see Jerry launching a Kickstarter campaign for shadow kites, the coolest way to keep cool at the beach. People like kites, and they like being in the shade on a hot day. A shadow kite gives you the best of both worlds.

Critically Rated at 13/17

Written, Rated, and Reviewed by Brendan H. Young


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