Off on Sundays

I work at a restaurant. I don’t work on Sundays. That’s rare. I’ll repeat that. I’m off on Sundays. Like that’s not supposed to happen. Set schedules aren’t common in the industry. Days off and clock in times fluctuate. Sometimes we work doubles. Sometimes it’s slow and people get cut early. Sometimes it’s busy and everyone works overtime. We always have to check the schedule to know when we are working. So having Sundays off is a miracle. I always know that I have a day to sleep in. It gives me a chance to catch up on laundry. I can make plans for brunch. I don’t have to worry about missing the Super Bowl. It also gives me the option of picking up a shift on a Sunday. That’s always a mistake. It reminds me why I requested Sundays off to begin with. Being off on Sunday is glorious. Normal people have Sundays off. It almost makes me feel normal too. Almost.

Critically Rated at 14/17

Written, Rated, and Reviewed by Brendan H. Young


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