Driving Next to a Bad Driver

I went on a mini road trip over the weekend to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. I got a ride with my sister and her fiancé. We hit some light traffic on the freeway, and that’s when my sister pointed out a blue sedan that was driving erratically. He would speed up rapidly on the car in front of him, then slam on his brakes to avoid ramming into them, and then he would repeat the process. It was like he had one foot on the gas, the other on the brake, and he was trying to do a stair-climbing exercise. He would also take up his whole lane, slowly swerving from line to line and only adjusting when he started hitting the little bumpy divider thingies. He was a menace to all the cars around him. We couldn’t tell if he was drunk or just a bad driver, but we were stuck in his vicinity for the next four or five miles thanks to the slight traffic jam. We didn’t want to be near him so we would switch lanes and try to avoid him but he always managed to pop up out of nowhere. Driving next to a bad driver is a nerve-racking experience. You start to think about all the Final Destination-type ways that you can die. Most of the time you survive. Maybe one time you won’t be so lucky.

Critically Rated at 4/17

Written, Rated, and Reviewed by Brendan H. Young


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