Getting a Check Instead of a Bill

I had to get a root canal a few months ago and my insurance only covered part of the bill, I had to pay the rest out of pocket. I can’t remember how much I had to pay, but it was around four hundred bucks. It wasn’t that bad, but it still put a little dent in my bank account. Life went on. Then I came home to a piece of mail from the endodontist (the guy that does root canals). My heart sank. I thought it was another bill. I sat down and mentally prepared myself for it. I took a breath, ripped open the envelope, and was beyond relieved to see that it wasn’t a bill. It was a check. To me. For seventeen dollars and ten cents. Getting a check instead of a bill is a great feeling. I went from being in debt to being seventeen dollars and ten cents richer in a matter of moments. I don’t know what I will spend my newfound wealth on, but I’m pretty sure it will involve alcohol or food. Hopefully both.

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