Unexpected Text

You’re sitting around, chilling, relaxing, whatever, and your phone buzzes. You assume that it’s your friend that you texted earlier, or maybe your mom checking in, and you’re surprised when you check your phone that it’s from a random friend that you haven’t talked to in months. The unexpected text is usually a good thing, it’s sort of compliment. I might have forgotten all about you, but you still remember that I exist and you took the time to text me. That was nice of you. It’s good to feel remembered. The best unexpected texts come from old friends trying to catch up, from friends that are randomly in town, or from pretty people that you want to do dirty things to. The worst unexpected texts come from exes, and people that you used to be friends with that don’t realize they suck. At least you can ignore them, you’re not obliged to respond to your enemies via text.
Critically Rated at 12/17
Written, Rated, and Reviewed by Brendan H. Young


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