Bee Sting

A bee sting is when you place a rubber band directly over your victim, stretch it out, and let it snap on to their bare skin. It hurts. It stings. Like a bee sting. Hence the name. Bee sting. It makes sense. Just don’t think about it too hard or your brain will start to hurt. A bee sting is like snapping a towel at your friend. You don’t do it to win a fight. You’re not trying to hurt them. You’re simply trying to cause them some minor discomfort and get a cheap laugh out of it. Doing a bee sting will inevitably lead to retribution because they will want to get you back and they have the right to do so. They deserve revenge, especially if it was unprovoked and it usually is. Don’t dish it out if you can’t handle it in return. If it seems childish, it’s because it is.

Critically Rated at 9/17

Written, Rated, and Reviewed by Brendan H. Young


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