Giving a Stranger Directions

I had a closing shift at work the other night and got out late. It was nearly midnight by the time I got to the subway station. All I wanted was to catch the first train and get home as soon as possible. As I was waiting for the train, a tourist came up to me and asked me how to get to his hotel. He told me the cross streets and showed me the general vicinity on a paper map that he was carrying. The map didn’t show any transit lines so I busted out Google Maps on my iPhone to find out the best way to get there. I found out the best route for him to take, and it turns out that my train was going his way. So I told him to follow me and I would tell him where and when to get off. I showed him the route that Google Maps recommended and handwrote the directions onto his paper map. We got to his stop, I pointed the way for him to walk, and I wished him luck. He thanked me a thousand times and I told him not to worry about it a thousand times. Giving a stranger directions is good karma. Especially when you take the time to give him the right directions. I should go buy a lotto ticket and capitalize.

Critically Rated at 14/17

Written, Rated, and Reviewed by Brendan H. Young



Filed under Random Rants

2 responses to “Giving a Stranger Directions

  1. Great job! You’re living up to the best examples of why San Franciscans are so much beloved around the world!!!

  2. John Weiss

    Should’ve been rated 17 our of 17. You made someone’s evening. If I knew you (and lived anywhere near SF) I’d buy you a beer.

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