Cheez-It Hot & Spicy

Cheez-It is a brand of snack crackers made with real cheese, and Cheez-It Hot & Spicy is a hot and spicy version of them. It’s made with Tabasco, but it’s the green Tabasco, not the normal red one. You know, the red one that everybody prefers. They still taste good, but it’s disappointing because you know that they could have tasted better. They are salty, cheesy, and they have a little jalapeno kick. They are spicy, but they aren’t really spicy. I would say they are on the mild side of medium. I could eat a bag of them, but buying a box would be a waste. Whatever, it’s good to see that Tabasco is still around in this Sriracha-dominated society. Don’t get me wrong, Sriracha is the shit but Tabasco is an originator. You might get a little cracker residue on your hands, but they aren’t really greasy. It’s a satisfying snack and it cures the munchies. I’m happy.

Critically Rated at 12/17

Written, Rated, and Reviewed by Brendan H. Young

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