Tuesday Noon Sirens

San Francisco conducts a test of the Outdoor Warning System every Tuesday at noon. It’s always good for a laugh because it freaks out the tourists and the noobs. An SF Native can always tell what day of the week it is when the sirens start blaring. It’s a routine, it’s something to be expected. It’s like a weekly fire alarm that you learn to ignore. In fact, if I was a terrorist I would attack on a Tuesday right around noon. I would do it just before noon, at 11:59, so that the locals would know something is amiss. I’m not trying to give Al Qaeda any ideas, I’m just trying to point out the folly of a routine alarm. We just can’t pay attention to it so it loses its effectiveness. The city would never know if there was a disaster if it happened around noon on a Tuesday. They’ve been conditioned to dismiss it. Thousands of lives would be lost if an earthquake or a tsunami had an impeccable sense of timing.
Critically Rated at 12/17
Written, Rated, and Reviewed by Brendan H. Young

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