Making Eye Contact With a Stranger

Everyday you see thousands of people and never give them a second thought. We treat everyone like everybody’s a part of the background, a part of the scenery. We ignore each other and act oblivious to each other’s existence. Can you remember what the person sitting next to you on the bus this morning looks like? She sat next to you for thirty minutes and you can’t remember a single detail about her. It’s like all of society has made an agreement to tune each other out. But every once in a while you’ll slip up and make eye contact with a stranger. Most people are embarrassed and apologize by glancing downward and looking away. Some people keep staring. Those people are creepers. Sometimes you can’t help but making repeated eye contact with the same stranger. You’ll be on the train when it’s crowded and end up locking eyes with a bald guy off and on for a couple of minutes until it clears out a bit and you can sit down and avoid facing him. Making eye contact with a stranger can be awkward but you shouldn’t let it. After all, everyone you know was once a stranger right? But you have to pick your moments. Sometimes that stranger is a serial killer, so be careful who you’re looking at.
Critically Rated at 8/17
Written, Rated, and Reviewed by Brendan H. Young

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