Starbucks Refreshers Raspberry Pomegranate

Starbucks Refreshers is a line of sparkling green coffee energy drinks that come in a few different flavor varieties. Raspberry Pomegranate seemed to be the most intriguing, so I grabbed it. It’s crisp and bubbly and doesn’t taste like a coffee drink. It tastes like a cheap, low calorie energy drink. It has that weird artificial sweetener aftertaste that lingers on your tongue a little too long. I can taste the raspberry flavor more than the pomegranate, and there are hints of apple and white grape juice as well. It’s a pretty mediocre energy drink. It’s lucky that it has the Starbuck logo on it, because brand recognition is more important than taste. I would only get this again if the store was out of every single other brand of energy drinks. It’s not bad… there are just so many better products out there.

Critically Rated at 10/17

Written, Rated, and Reviewed by Brendan H. Young

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