Cheese Pizza

I just don’t see the point of ordering a cheese pizza. If you order a pizza, you should get a topping. Pizza comes with cheese on it already. It’s so boring too. At least get peperoni or something. If you’re a vegetarian, get a veggie combo or add mushrooms or something. Ordering a cheese pizza is like ordering a hot fudge sundae without hot fudge, nuts, or a cherry. It’s just vanilla ice cream and it’s not worth it. Cheese is good, they know that, that’s why they already included it on your pizza. Do you wanna suck on a popsicle or an ice cube? Put something else on it, you cheap tasteless bastard.

Critically Rated at 2/17

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One response to “Cheese Pizza

  1. Sometimes less is more especially when it comes to pizza. Not everyone likes to have toppings on their food. This is just my personal opinion but I think having a regular slice of cheese pizza every once in a while won’t hurt anybody. It’s delicious with toppings and just as good without them.

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