Bud Light Platinum

There used to be a very simple test to determine one’s cheapness. If a person goes to a bar or restaurant and orders a Bud Light, they are cheap. Ordering a Bud Light is one step up from ordering an ice water, a bunch of lemons, and a shit ton of sugar packets to make your own lemonade. But now there is Bud Light Platinum, and as much as I love to bash Bud drinkers, this is the new light beer of choice. It has a hefty 6% alcohol content, and it still tastes like a light beer. Bottom line is that it is super drinkable and that alcohol percentage will sneak up on you. Anheuser-Busch finally realized that giving Bud Light a wheaty or lime flavor isn’t nearly as awesome as making a light beer that will fuck you up faster.

Critically Rated at 14/17

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One response to “Bud Light Platinum

  1. Red

    EXACTLY! Labatts Max Ice comes in at 7.2 percent and is just a bit
    too much too fast for me, 6 percent is perfect between “I want a buzzy
    beer” and “I want to enjoy the game for awhile”

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