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Watching a Game with a Rival Fan

I went to AT&T Park a few weeks ago to watch the San Francisco Giants take on the San Diego Padres. I went to the game with a friend from work. He wore his Padres cap, while I rocked my Giants sweatshirt. We grabbed a few drinks before the game and raised our glasses to a good game. Then we went into the stadium and found our seats. We were talking and joking and having a good time. But then the game started and the atmosphere changed. Suddenly we became rivals. We were still making small talk, but most of our conversations involved shit-talking and subtle insults about the other team. Watching a game with a rival fan is an interesting experience. You’re watching the exact same game, but you’re seeing two different things. My heroes are his villains and vice versa. I’m cheering while he’s silent. He’s clapping while I’m shaking my head in disbelief. But you can also find out more about the other team. He knows more about his team then you do. And you can also tell him facts about your team. You get a look at the bigger picture. The major problem with watching a game with a rival fan is that somebody is going to lose and that can make for an awkward car ride home. So if your team wins, be a good sport and try not to gloat. And if your team loses, be a good sport and try not to mope.

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Your Team

If you are a fan of a team, you share in each victory and each loss. You are a part of the team. If they won, you won and we won. If they lost, you lost and we lost.  That’s why you wear jerseys when you go to the stadium. You are one with the players, you are one with the team.

When you wear your team colors, you are responsible for knowing what is happening with your team. If you’re wearing a Saints jersey, be prepared to talk about the Drew Brees contract. If you are wearing a Yankees hat and it’s game day, you better know who is pitching. You don’t wear a team’s colors for fashion: you wear it for pride. You wear it to show off your team’s winning record, you wear it to piss off your rivals, and you wear it to show faith when they are losing.

Your local team’s logo is like your family crest, you can’t always choose which one you ended up with, but you will represent it with all your heart and soul. Your team defines you, it shapes who you are. You can talk shit about your team, your fellow fans can talk shit about them, but no one else is allowed to say talk shit about them (at least not to your face). Your team is your team, not their team. Be proud.

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