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Kenny vs. Spenny (TV show)

Kenny vs. Spenny was a Canadian comedy/reality show about two guys who challenge each other to a ridiculous contest each episode. They do everything from Who Can Stay Awake the Longest? to Who Can Drink More Beer? to Who Can Produce More Semen?… basically Kenny Hotz and Spencer Rice made a show about all the stupid bets you made with your roommates in college, only they get paid for it.  Kenny is the creator of the show, and he has an outrageous personality. He has no problem with cheating and manipulating the crew if there’s a chance to win. Spencer is the straight man, he’s usually the victim of Kenny’s pranks, he plays by the rules, and he usually loses as a result of his integrity. The loser of each competition has to do something humiliating. The winner gets to gloat. You get to laugh your ass off at their hijinks. It’s a hilarious show and you can find most of the episodes on YouTube. It’s a great show to marathon through, and there’s no real continuity so you can jump around from season to season and just choose to watch whatever topics that appeal to you the most.

Critically Rated at 14/17

Written, Rated, and Reviewed by Brendan H. Young

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