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Breaking Down Cardboard Boxes

I believe in recycling because I like saving the planet and feeling superior to other people. Cardboard is one of the many things that I recycle. There are pizza boxes, TV dinner packages, soda cases, delivery packages, and all sorts of cardboard boxes that continually show up in my house. It seems like taking out the trash is a constant battle. The thing about cardboard boxes is that they take up space. So you have to break them down before you shove them in the recycling bin. Otherwise they take up too much room and you can fit anything else in. Breaking down cardboard boxes makes sense; it’s what you’re supposed to do. Not breaking them down is stupid and lazy. I’m lazy too, but I realized that if you break shit down then you don’t have to take out the garbage as much. I’d rather spend 2 seconds breaking down a box than spend 2 minutes taking the recycling out to the garage, throwing it in the collection bins, then getting a new trash bag and replacing the old one. Nope, I think I will just save space and time by breaking down this box now and avoiding the real chore. Now if only I could get my roommates to see the light.

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Written, Rated, and Reviewed by Brendan H. Young

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