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People Who Don’t Know How to Eat Buffalo Wings

Buffalo wings are delicious. They are spicy, they are messy, and they are sometimes all you can eat. And a surprising number of people don’t know how to eat them. They leave way too much meat on the bone, and that’s a waste of a wing. Luckily there are lots of YouTube videos and life hack instructions that teach you how to properly eat chicken wings. It’s all about deboning the wing by twisting and removing the bones, leaving a fully edible hunk of meat behind that you can simply pop into your mouth. It’s important to be efficient, you don’t want to waste food. There are starving kids in Africa, and eating all your food helps them somehow. I included a video of a hot Hooters girl teaching you how to debone buffalo wings. I hope it helps you.

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Written, Rated, and Reviewed by Brendan H. Young

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