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A Man on the Moon

In case you don’t pay attention to the real world, Neil Armstrong died last week. He was the first person to walk on the moon, in case you didn’t pay attention in school. And now he’s dead. He was the first of twelve men to step foot on the lunar surface. The last time a man was on the moon was during the Apollo 17 mission, and that was in mid-December of 1972.

The last time man actually had a foot on the moon was December 13, 1972 and they blasted off for home the day after that. So if you were born on December 15, 1972 or any day after that, there has never been a man on the moon in your lifetime. Every single baby, toddler, child, teenager, and adult between the age of fetus and 39 has never experienced NASA or any other space program putting a man on the moon. And that’s kind of lame. Good job with Curiosity I guess.

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